Carbon Black is the new Blue

The Laser lights feature didn’t make it to the US build this time around but it still looks gorgeous.


我說 我走過千個的驛站 高低起跌亦照行 谷底怎麼去撐 高峰怎麼去攀 這樣過渡世間的暖冷 如今喜平淡 更學會愛簡單 如今苦與樂 也在兩手之間
Dec 17

Adele Live 2016

I did manage to get a ticket with good seat to see Adele for her 2016 US tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster pretty much ...
Oct 25


I bet this is a continuation of Someone Like You. I guess one can only be 瀟洒 for so long.