Feb 01


We just started to know you. Why did you leave us? You will be missed.
Jan 16

不悔夢歸處 只恨太匆匆

如果過去還值得眷戀,別太快冰釋前嫌。 我們要相互虧欠,要不然憑何懷緬。

2014 in Pictures

2014 was a year of first times and last times. It was a year of high tea in London and big steak in Vegas. It was a year that I ...
Dec 21

不一樣 又怎樣

不一樣 又怎樣 誰比誰美滿 由誰來衡量 神不神聖 愛這種信仰 誰說了算?

Warm or Chilled?

I started with my sake warm because it was kind of "cool" to drink it that way at that time. Soon enough I learned