Bourbon is the new Scotch

It may not be a Pappy but it is still very good. But be honest with you I wouldn’t know since I have never tried Pappy myself. Perhaps one day I will.

Warm or Chilled?

I started with my sake warm because it was kind of "cool" to drink it that way at that time. Soon enough I learned


Gaiwan (蓋碗) can be very handy. They can be used to infuse and to consume. Good for lazy tea drinkers like me. However, these are too beautiful and delicate for daily use. I really don’t want to break any of them.

For Relaxing Times, Make It Suntory Time

I don't drink hard liquor often. If I do drink, it would better be ...

A good way to start a vacation

A 14+ hours transpacific flight was no fun by any measure but flying ANA certainly made it a bit easier and even enjoyable in some cases. There were many nice touches such as ...

Wine by the Glass

As much as I enjoy wine, ...

Vintage Port 焗蠔

砵酒焗蠔 is one of my favorite seafood dish. If port wine is indeed one of the ingredient, wonder what type of port wine is normally used? Perhaps a Ruby, Tawny, or Late Bottled Vintage? I am new to port wine and know very little about port. I tasted the Graham’s 2011 Vintage Port and it was very drinkable even at this stage. I guess I will need to wait another 10 or 20 more years to fully appreciate what the 2011 Vintage Port has to offer.