I know I’m not the only one

I know I’m not the only one Who regrets the things they’ve done Sometimes I just feel it’s only me Who can’t stand the reflection that they see


我說 我走過千個的驛站 高低起跌亦照行 谷底怎麼去撐 高峰怎麼去攀 這樣過渡世間的暖冷 如今喜平淡 更學會愛簡單 如今苦與樂 也在兩手之間

Piano Man

He says, “Son can you play me a memory. I’m not really sure how it goes. But it’s sad and it’s sweet. And I knew it complete when I wore a younger man’s clothes”. Sing us a song you’re the piano man. Sing us a song tonight. Well we’re all in the mood for a melody. And you’ve got us feeling alright.


Johnny Yip 葉振棠. 棠哥. 任笑聲送走舊愁 讓美酒洗清前事 難分醉醒玩世就容易 此中勝負只有天知 披散頭髮獨自行 得失唯我事