Jul 07


I always know 康定情歌 is an old song but just didn’t realize how old it was. Apparently it was a song from the 40s. While there are many good covers and interpretations of this classic, here is the one that I like.
Jul 04


想台灣, 也想北京. Where are you? Or where do you want to be?
Apr 30


其實有啲歌, 要聴聽吓先覺得好聽. 好似呢一首就係.
Apr 27

Why stop there?

我是歌手 第二季 was a great show. This was one of my favorite artist and song among a few others.
Apr 27

那樣的月色太美 你太溫柔

二零一四年四月廿十七曰百度音樂經典老歌榜排行頭三名都是我很喜歡的, 它們是: 1. 我可以抱你嗎 張惠妹 2. 光輝歲月 Beyond 3. 月亮惹的禍 張宇
Apr 13


“唔系陳奕迅” is not necessary all negative. These are some good examples. Beautiful song nicely performed and captured. 長路漫漫是如何走過 寧願讓樂極忘形的我 離時代遠遠 沒人間煙火 毫無代價唱最幸福的歌