Dec 29


I have been reading a lot about Japan and Tokyo lately in preparing for my upcoming visit. Still have not decided whether I am going to visit the 宮崎駿三鷹の森ジブリ美術館 while I am there. I even watch or re-watch some of his movies just to warm up and get myself into the 宮崎駿 mood. The movies are certainly good and the songs are so beautiful too.
Oct 31

沒有 Facebook 的日子

沒有 Facebook 的日子 沒有 Facebook 的日子 你再不在我身旁 而我的心裡一直 以你為我的唯一的 唯一的一份希望 天黑了 路無法延續到黎明 我的思念一條條鋪在 那個灰色小鎮的街頭 你們似乎不太喜歡沒有藍色的鴿子飛翔 啊~ 手裡沒有煙那就劃一根火柴吧 去抽你的無奈 去抽那永遠無法再來的一縷雨絲 喔~ 在你想起了我後 又沒有抽煙的日子 喔~
Oct 24


I haven’t watched the movie. Don’t think I could sit through it. However, the song is totally a different story. And 朱茵更是不可方物.
Jul 23

Queen of Diamonds or Queen of Hearts?

I was lucky enough to see Eagles Live in concert. I missed them in Las Vegas last year for two days and glad that I was able to catch it this time. The concert was just great. There are so many songs to love but this one stands out. No, it is not Hotel California. It is this one: Don’t you draw the queen of diamonds, boy She’ll beat you if she’s able. You know the queen of hearts is always your best bet.
May 25


雲海 天涯 兩渺茫。何日功成名遂了,還鄉,醉笑陪公三萬場。不用訴離觴,痛飲從來別有腸