Jun 05

Chinese Taipei

I am sure a lot of effort from both sides has gone into the negotiations to agree on ...
Dec 17

Adele Live 2016

I did manage to get a ticket with good seat to see Adele for her 2016 US tour. Tickets from Ticketmaster pretty much ...
Jul 06


Sep 24

He For Her

If not me, who? If not now, when? I have taken the first step @www.heforher.org. Have you?
Mar 02

Lost in Translation

The movie Lost in Translation may have introduced Suntory to many, for me it was the Whisky that led me to the movie. Although I would be interested to know what Bob may have said to Charlotte that made her smile in the ending scene or whether they would cross paths again, I also want to know whether the New York Bar at Park Hyatt has a good selection of Japanese Whisky. Perhaps I should find out myself.


Although I have never been to Taiwan, 台灣的人和事 certainly are not foreign to me. This song brought back so much memories for me and they were mostly good. Can’t believe I finally have a chance to see Taiwan in person in a few weeks which I once thought it would never happen in my lifetime. I sure will cherish every moment.