Oct 04

sour preserved cabbage fish (酸菜鱼)

Good sour preserved cabbage usually comes from sichuan .  Fish is the more common fish (桂鱼) as found in restaurants in Beijing.  It serves in a big bowl.  More like a soup. I hated fish when I was a child.  Don’t know whether it has anything to do with the fish liver oil supplement that my mother fed me at that time. I tried sour preserved cabbage fish in Beijing.  It was quite good and refreshing.  It may first came across as sour and spicy, the aftertaste is actually a bit sweet.  May be this is called “先苦后甜”. 酸菜鱼加油.
Sep 30

BMW hot spring condo (宝马温泉公寓)

On my flight back from Beijing in my recent trip, I read a newspaper (Beijing youth daily) front-to-back to kill time.  Came across the personals section and something caught my eye.  “Single lady 34/1.68 Browns University graduate with Master degree.  Joint venture department manager.  BMW hot spring condo.   seeking …”. I assume BMW is the car she drives and hot spring condo is the type of home that she lives in.  It is not unique to this ad and many others carry the similar information such as Audi duplex condo, Volvo water front single family house, Benz 460 square meters condo etc etc.  In a way it doesn’t totally surprise me but at the same time I don’t pretend I understand either.  Why is it necessary in a personals ad? Wonder if there is one that says 自行板间.
Sep 28

beijing after the olympic

I was in Beijing a couple of weeks ago.  The headline news were the China’s third manned space mission, the baby formula crisis, the Paralympic games, and how the financial crisis in the US may impact the rest of the world.  Other than that Beijing was just Beijing – something will always change and something will always remain the same. I have never seen a blue sky with white cloud from inside the fifth ring road in my previous visits.  The one I saw last week was beautiful with the Bird Nest as the foreground.  It took less than 30 minutes from Wangfujing to the Tsinghua University on a weekday morning with the Olympic traffic control still enacted.  The Yanjing beer (燕京啤酒) was still my favorite beverage there.  The dim sum at the Jade Palace was still the best in town.  And this time I even tried a BBQ chicken wings place (烤翅) and played a little badminton. So where did I go and what did I do after the badminton – a double-session of foot massage at Oriental Taipan (东方大班) to recover.

why i went with the iphone 3G?

As much as I love to stay with Verizon ...

my first mobile phone

My mobile service contract commitment ended a few weeks ago. Like many others may do, ...
Dec 24

sun village

Sun village (太阳村) is a Beijing based non-governmental charitable organization dedicated to providing foster care and education for the children of convicted parents.  I visited there twice this year – July and December of 2007.  I met the children, its staffs, and its founder Zhang Shuqin.  i was deeply touched by what Ms. Zhang, its staff and supporters around the world are doing to support these needed children.  They give them another opportunity to life. We first met ping-ping in July during our first visit to Sun Village.  She was 13 years old.  She helped taking care the younger children in the village and many of them were as young as 3 years old.   Her mother was in prison for more than five years.  Ping-Ping has been living in Sun Village during that entire time.  We didn’t ask about her father.  May be because we didn’t want to know or afraid to ask.   She became our first sponsored child there. I visited her again in December.  I took her out for lunch in a restaurant close by.  She told me her mother will be released from prison in a few months.  She will be leaving Sun Village and […]