Oct 17

hao jiu bu jian

Between paying a dollar to download a song that i like vs. obtaining a pirated copy, I will probably pay the dollar and get it over with.  If a song does not worth a dollar, it probably is not worth to occupy space in my iphone anyway.

The issue is for Chinese songs, there aren’t many places on the net that sell download-able song for any price legally either DRM-free or DRM-locked.

You would think itune has it.  no it doesn’t.  How about mp3 download from amazon.com?  It is a good attempt but there are so few selections.  What i disappointed most about the amazon.com mp3 download service is its poor user interface and no Chinese support.  How can one has a good Chinese song buying experience without the ability to search and browse in Chinese?  With my poor pinyin, I would not know Gai Shi Ying Xiong from Leehom Wang is 王力宏的蓋世英雄.

Come on amazon, Apple and many other companies out there, you can do better than this.  And i have a dollar and want to pay you.

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茶裏乾坤大 壺中日月長

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