Feb 17

as good as it gets

Hungry for a good bowl of wonton noodle in middle of the night?  If you happen to be in where I live, you are out of luck even during anytime of the day.   There is just no good bowl of wonton noodle in the area.  The one pictured above was from the Belligio hotel in Las Vegas.  The wonton was pretty good but the noodle was below par   It costed $13.95 USD or a bit over $100 HKD excluding tax.

Over the years I have found the following frozen or instant choices that fill the craving gaps pretty well.  They are as good as they gets between trips to Hong Kong, Beijing, or Chinatowns in London, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Melbourne and many other places.  Here is my short list:

CP shrimp wonton soup – available from Costco in 8-pack
壽桃牌生面皇 – available from local Chinese grocery stores.  this goes very nicely with the shrimp wonton when served “dry” with oyster sauce
Ling Lings potstickers – available from Costco in value pack
Wei Chuan mini buns 味全南翔小籠包 – available from local Chinese grocery stores

Do you have other recommendations?

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