May 02

do you want your sake cold or warm?

okay, that is not sake.  i lost the sake picture when i was moving my blog.  but the story is:

most sake i had before tasted like rubbing alcohol.  i drank it warm to mask out the flavor from low-quality sake.  the first few sips were always hard to swallow.  it took a few more sips to get used to.  i was cheap when it came to sake comparing with my other bad habits.  i guess i was willing to pay more for grape than rice.

but things do change.  i had a very good sushi dinner paired with good chilled sake a few weeks ago.  the sake was crisp, cool, fruity, soft, sweet and it went very well with the fatty tuna and salmon sashimi.  the waiter said the sake was “osaka premium”.  not sure it was a brand or just a premium sake from osaka.  either case that cup of sake taught me a few things about sake and a few things about life.

whether you drink your sake cold or warm, cheers …

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