Sep 30

BMW hot spring condo (宝马温泉公寓)

On my flight back from Beijing in my recent trip, I read a newspaper (Beijing youth daily) front-to-back to kill time.  Came across the personals section and something caught my eye.  “Single lady 34/1.68 Browns University graduate with Master degree.  Joint venture department manager.  BMW hot spring condo.   seeking …”.

I assume BMW is the car she drives and hot spring condo is the type of home that she lives in.  It is not unique to this ad and many others carry the similar information such as Audi duplex condo, Volvo water front single family house, Benz 460 square meters condo etc etc.  In a way it doesn’t totally surprise me but at the same time I don’t pretend I understand either.  Why is it necessary in a personals ad?

Wonder if there is one that says 自行板间.

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茶裏乾坤大 壺中日月長

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