Sep 27

男人四十 – Men at 40s

As much as I like Karena Lam 林嘉欣, she was not the reason I watched this 2002 movie for the first time just recently.  The movie turned out to be okay and not as boring as other “awards winning” movies.  Perhaps it was because i had something to relate to?

Confucius once said “四十而不惑” (loosely translated to “at age 40 one should not be tempted or confused”).  Perhaps Confucius knew how hard it was even in 2,500 years ago.  I also once heard someone said 人到中年, 點止唔可以去流浪咁簡單 (as a middle aged adult, it is more complicated than just couldn’t be a drifter anymore).  I didn’t fully understand or appreciate what it meant then.  Perhaps I do now.

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