躲進小樓成一統 管他冬夏與春秋


Not sure whether I have that much to write about myself given I am such a simple person. Let me do the easy numbering part first and see how long would take me to finish all 100.

1. Photography is my hobby and will probably last for a while given all the money that I have spent on the equipments
2. Walking my dog Yoyo is my primary mean of daily exercise
3. I have played TF2 for quite some time and didn't think I can quit it that easily, and I did
4. I drink more Chinese tea than coffee these days. I like dragon well (龍井), pu-erh (普洱) and tie guan yin (鐵觀音).
5. I bring and brew my own tea when i eat in Chinese restaurants specially for dim-sum.
6. My English is a bit better than my Chinese. It is sad if you know how poor my English is.
7. I speak both Cantonese and Mandarin equally well or equally bad
8. I can’t type in Chinese. My Chinese character input method is cut-and-paste or 手寫.
9. I am a patient person for most of the time
10. I want to learn pinyin
11. I like grilled food whether it is meat or seafood. grilled vegetable okay too if it is done right and well seasoned.
12. I want to visit 雲南 西雙版納, Vietnam and Taiwan
13. I have been told by many that I am too sentimental at times
14. Out of all alcoholic beverage I would prefer red wine most of the time for most occasions
15. I don’t smoke but would consider a good cigar when the occasion is right specially when traveling aboard
16. I used to carry a Blackberry but not anymore
17. I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and an Olympus OM-D
18. If I can only carry one lens, it will be the 70-200mm F2.8L IS. In Chinese it is called 小白 IS.
19. My most memorable meal was tomato with beef and fried egg over rice that my Mom brought me when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It was a rainy afternoon.
20. I like spicy food more than I even know myself
21. I am learning how to roll my own sushi
22. My next camera will be a Canon 5DS R or a Sony A7s (II)
23. The most anticipated bottle of wine I have is the 1999 Château Lafite Rothschild Dow's 2011 Vintage Port
24. I like rainy days
25. I think 王馨平, 周迅 and 劉若英 are pretty
26. I used to have a Facebook but not any more. 沒有 Facebook 的日子也不是特別難過.
27. I dream of being a chef and have my own restaurant, wine bar, cafe or tea shop
28. I enjoy cooking specially if I do it by choice instead of I am hungry
29. I like to meet new friends but not necessary new lovers. Totally understand why 斯琴高麗 said about “上了QQ想交朋友發現都是情人”.
30. I am going to learn how to take portrait pictures
31. I hate any job. Perhaps this is the reason I get paid to do that.
32. I like fast car but not necessary like to drive fast
33. My next car will be a 2-seater toy car
34. As much as I like the nature, I am really a city person at heart
35. My wine cellar is not even half full yet
36. Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever be able to come up 100 things about myself
37. I want to publish my own 12"x12" 500-page photo book
38. I will learn to be a 普洱 tea appreciator
39. I want to take a few months off from work and from life to take pictures in places where I like.
40. I am not going to learn Photoshop
41. I want to build a music library of ALL Chinese songs ever recorded
42. I like Baek Ji-young, Lorde and Adele as much as I like 鄧麗君
43. I know exactly how many bottles of wine I have with help of the CellarTracker software
44. I have enough 普洱 inventory that would last me for the next 10 years
45. I have been to China, USA, France, UK, Japan, Italy, India, Bahamas, Bermuda, and Canada. There are so many other places that I have not been to.
46. I am mostly harmless
47. Last time I got drunk was in 2014 2015
48. I want to keep photography as a hobby and not a job so please don't pay me to take your pictures. How about coffee?
49. I am not too crazy about Japanese food. If I appear that I enjoyed it, I was only pretending.
50. From time to time I have the impulse to ask a stranger for a cigarette specially after I had a few drinks
51. I don't have a karaoke 飲歌
52. I miss my Mom
53. I may know many people but I don't have many friends
54. I used to code. A pretty good one too.
55. My first personal computer had 16 KB of RAM. My current one has 16 GB.
56. If I can be anywhere in the world right now, I want to be in Hong Kong
57. If I can be with anyone at this moment, I want to be with you just because you are reading this
58. I am surprised that no one asked "Why 周迅?"
59. I am the youngest in the family
60. I think I can tell the differences between Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Shiraz and Pinot noir
61. I think I can tell the differences between 龍井, 鐵觀音, 普洱, 烏龍 and 花茶
62. I drink to remember more than to forget
63. I often feel a bit empty and lost as I finish my last sip of wine or whisky in a Sunday afternoon
64. I want to dine at the Hugo's at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong
65. I have forgotten how 魚蛋粉 tasted like
66. I am Type 4 (The Individualist) and Type 9 (The Peacemaker) as described in Enneagram of Personality
67. I enjoy listening to RTHK 2 輕談淺唱不夜天 in a quiet Sunday afternoon while sipping tea, wine, or whisky
68. I live in my memories and in my dreams
69. 可我覺得一切沒那麼糟
70. I don't want clever conversation. I never want to work that hard.
71. 85% is good enough for me 85% of the time
72. My Lightroom skill is better than my photography skill
73. I don't know how to dance even if I try
74. My personal computer is a Mac
75. 其實我真的很懷舊 而且也很痛
76. Just like some Whisky, I am also NAS (No Age Statement).
77. I am learning how to appreciate Whisky more. My weekend Scotch is Macallan 12 Year.
78. One day I am going to work in Hong Kong with office overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbor
79. I would like to own a Patek Philippe at some point
80. I am a Samsung Galaxy person more than an iPhone person
81. Port is the next Bordeaux. I have a few bottles of 2011 Vintage Port that will take years to mature.
82. Suddenly I don't feel like eating as much meat as I used to. I am certainly far from being a vegetarian and don't think I will ever be one.
83. November will always be a special month for me and it is not because of my birthday
84. Someone said I am both smart and humble. Humble may be. Smart?
85. I wish I know how to play a musical instrument but I don't. Perhaps one day I will learn. Perhaps.
86. 還會有一個人流浪的衝動
87. 我相信有追求,有理想. 我更相信 if there is a Will there is a Way.
88. The last book that I read from cover to cover was《刀尖》from 麦家
89. My next trip to Hong Kong will be 2018
90. I have quitted learning how to take video with my digital cameras
91. I am tired but don't want to go to sleep
92. The last concert I went was 呂珊 Adele Imagine Dragon 男人幫 Zac Brown Band James Arthur 王馨平
93. At some point I would like to go to Photokina, Burning Man, Wine Spector's Wine Experience, or the Kentucky Bourbon Trail
94. I don't really like celebrating anyone's birthday including mine
95. If you wanted to get me something nice, how about a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20yr Bourbon?
96. My next home project will be a listening room
97. I have a feeling that one day I will become an audiophile. It sounds scary already.
98. I want to take a break from my job and take some more pictures