Feb 08


懷緬過去常陶醉 一半樂事 一半令人流淚 This song was from 1977. It was a year to remember.

Imagine Dragons

I didn’t know any of their songs but it didn’t seem to matter. It has been a long time since my last rock concert. Don’t really remember what the last one was but do remember the first one. And it was Suzi Quatro.

I know I’m not the only one

I know I’m not the only one Who regrets the things they’ve done Sometimes I just feel it’s only me Who can’t stand the reflection that they see
Jul 09


我看到爸爸媽媽就這麼走遠 留下我在這陌生的人世間 我願為他建造一個美麗的花園 我想要緊緊抓住他的手 媽媽告訴我希望還會有 看到太陽出來 天亮了