Jun 27

Just when I needed you most

Yes, you left me Just when I needed you most
May 01


是誰令青山也變 變了俗氣的咀臉 又是誰令碧海也變 變作濁流滔天
Apr 17

Classic 帝女花

Out of so many versions of 帝女花 from 任白 or other artists, this is my most favorite interpretation. The song is so good specially enjoying with Sake.
Apr 13


Wow, I remember this song.
Feb 01


We just started to know you. Why did you leave us? You will be missed.
Jan 16

不悔夢歸處 只恨太匆匆

如果過去還值得眷戀,別太快冰釋前嫌。 我們要相互虧欠,要不然憑何懷緬。