Feb 23

Brave girl 楊丞琳

I don’t think I recognize all the songs but together it tells a full story. I like the video as much as the song.
Dec 20

If the World ends Tomorrow

If the world ends tomorrow, what would you do today? Perhaps uncork the bottle of wine that you have been saving for the very special occasion? Finish your last blog, tweet or facebook update? Say hello again to a lost friend? Hug your enemies or love ones? Have the courage to say “I am sorry”, “I miss you”, or “I love you” to that very special someone? Whatever it is, here is a good song for today. How about tomorrow? 明天的事, 管它的.
Nov 23

Hey 我真的好想你

hey 我真的好想你 現在窗外面又開始下著雨 眼睛乾乾的 有想哭的心情 不知道你現在到底在哪裡 hey 我真的好想你 太多的情緒 沒適當的表情 最想說的話我該從何說起 你是否也像我一樣在想你 如果沒有你 沒有過去 我不會有傷心 但是有如果還是要愛你 如果沒有你 我在哪裡 又有甚麼可惜 反正一切來不及 反正沒有了自己 hey 我真的好想你 不知道你現在到底在哪裡
Nov 15

She’s a lady

Let her cry, for she’s a lady Let her dream, for she’s a child
Oct 28


Beautiful lady. Beautiful song. 最美麗的大肚婆.

Part of the Game

And I have to wonder to myself Why you have to go so far Drifting with life’s daydreams Trying to play the star I have still remembered when you said “Baby now let’s get away” And I follow you like a schoolboy I guess that’s part of the game 風中風中 心裡冷風 吹失了夢 事未過去就已失踪此刻有種種心痛 心中心中一切似空天黑天光都似夢 迷迷惘惘聚滿心中追踪一片冷的風 各種空虛冷冷冷吹起吹起風裡夢 過去的心火般灼熱今天已變了冰凍 記憶中突然又痛 只因空虛再作弄 你似北風吹走我夢 就讓一切隨風 寒風吹起細雨迷離 風雨揭開我的記憶 我像小船尋找港灣 不能把你忘記 愛的希望愛的回味 愛的往事難以追憶 風中花蕊深怕枯萎 我願為你祝福 我愛你我心已屬於你 今生今世不移 在我心中再沒有誰代替你的地位 我愛你對你付出真意 不會漂浮不定 你要為我再想一想 我決定愛你一萬年
Oct 14

When 江南 Style Meets Hong Kong

Gangnam Style may be out by now but at this point of time, the stage belongs to them.