Apr 13


“唔系陳奕迅” is not necessary all negative. These are some good examples. Beautiful song nicely performed and captured. 長路漫漫是如何走過 寧願讓樂極忘形的我 離時代遠遠 沒人間煙火 毫無代價唱最幸福的歌
Mar 02

Lost in Translation

The movie Lost in Translation may have introduced Suntory to many, for me it was the Whisky that led me to the movie. Although I would be interested to know what Bob may have said to Charlotte that made her smile in the ending scene or whether they would cross paths again, I also want to know whether the New York Bar at Park Hyatt has a good selection of Japanese Whisky. Perhaps I should find out myself.
Feb 10


A very good cover by street artist 威哥 beautifully captured in Hong Kong.


Johnny Yip 葉振棠. 棠哥. 任笑聲送走舊愁 讓美酒洗清前事 難分醉醒玩世就容易 此中勝負只有天知 披散頭髮獨自行 得失唯我事
Feb 05


This is the MV that I have been waiting for. Supper Moment 無盡. 既然選擇了遠方 便只顧風雨兼程
Jan 30


原來過得很快樂 只我一人未發覺 如能忘掉渴望 歲月長 衣裳薄 無論於什麼角落 不假設你或會在旁 我也可暢遊異國 放心吃喝 I will be fine.
Jan 17


多少人走著卻困在原地 多少人活著卻如同死去 多少人愛著卻好似分離 多少人笑著卻滿含淚滴 誰知道我們該去向何處 誰明白生命已變為何物 是否找個藉口繼續苟活 或是展翅高飛保持憤怒 我該如何存在