Vintage Port 焗蠔

砵酒焗蠔 is one of my favorite seafood dish. If port wine is indeed one of the ingredient, wonder what type of port wine is normally used? Perhaps a Ruby, Tawny, or Late Bottled Vintage? I am new to port wine and know very little about port. I tasted the Graham’s 2011 Vintage Port and it was very drinkable even at this stage. I guess I will need to wait another 10 or 20 more years to fully appreciate what the 2011 Vintage Port has to offer.

Calibre 16

I have never paid much attention to watches until this one came along. It is this watch that triggered me to learn about movement, complication, and calibre. It is quite fascinating as I read and learn more about watches. My next watch probably will be a clean looking IWC Portofino or Portuguese Chronograph. My “reach” watch will be a simple movement Patek Philippe. It is always good to have something to aim for and keep you going in life. I will get there.

Relay for Life

Celebrate what we have overcome; remember the lost ones and honor the ones who have fought or are fighting; take action and fight back.

Sunset @ the Grand Canyon

A special picture for a special lady on her special day.

Wine Cellar

The hard part is done. The harder part is to fill it.