Oct 05


靜坐人海 站在前方 一起舉傘 一起的撐 為著明天 要記得今晚 你我用鎮定面對憂患 若是人生 錯過這一晚 怕再沒機會任意呼喊
Oct 03


同舟人誓相隨 無畏更無懼 同處海角天邊 攜手踏平崎嶇 我地大家 用艱辛努力寫下那 不朽香江名句 Something is worth to fight for. I know I would.
Sep 29


年少不無知 海闊有天空

Casualties of War

Today is the Memorial Day in the US to remember the men and women who died in wars. With wars we all lose regardless which side we were in. This picture was taken in the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, USA. There are over 58,261 names listed on the Memorial to remember the men and women who either died or missing during the Vietnam war. The memorial was designed by a second generation Chinese American Maya Ying LIn. And here is the rest of the picture set.
Feb 14

not so “divine” after all

it was a thursday evening.  the opera house was packed.  the divine perfroming arts production consists primarily of vocal music and dance.  “inspiration from traditional chinese culture and seeks to further this heritage” was its mission and slogan. it didn’t take long to realize the production was more than music and dance.  it was also promoting falun gong (法輪功).  i sure have heard about falun gong before but didn’t really understand what it is or care enough to find out.  is it a “spiritual discipline” or is it a “highly organized political group” as declared and thus banned by the chinese government? while the dance was okay, i paid to be entertained instead of listening to religion or political messages.  can i have my money back?